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Cosmetic Direct Bonding

The science of making that smile worth a million dollars

There are a vast number of cosmetic dentistry options that we offer as part of our services, including:

  1. Teeth Whitening: In the course of life all of us develop habits that lead to the discoloration of teeth. These could be as seemingly harmless as drinking too much coffee to more harmful ones like smoking. However, discolored teeth can return to their natural color by opting for Philips Zoom Whitening service. The healthcare expert upon careful examination will advise you on the available options.
  2. Dental Straightening: A lot of people have crooked teeth which in turn harm your gums, lips and other soft tissues. Another common problem amongst adolescents especially, is that of overbite. All these issues can easily be resolved by simple tools such as braces. While some patients may need to use such tools for a longer period of time, others may need to use it only for a few months. A case to case analysis will be made and treatment decided accordingly.
  3. Cosmetic Bonding: When you need the most striking and spectacular smile, all you need to do is opt for this service. Whether the issue  is the result of a congenital defect or developed over time, cosmetic dentistry can improve their color, alignment, shape and the overall appearance. The bonding can be made invisible for most of it using certain materials, thereby enhancing your appearance with no tell tale signs.

Apart from these key services we also offer other kinds of assistance in cosmetic dentistry Toowoomba such as dental implants, various services within the scope of orthodontics and complete smile makeovers. All these services and more make us one of the foremost oral care service providers in Toowoomba.


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