Are Dental Implants are Ideal for me?

If you have lost the teeth or facing problems of missing teeth, you can have many restorative treatment alternatives to choose. You known that dental implants are an option but you wonder, “Are dental implants appropriate for me?” Our dentists have been placing and restoring implants over the years and can guide you whether Implants are an option to restore your missing teeth.

Dentals implants are an excellent available treatment option for tooth lost, it doesn’t mean that dental implants are suitable for every patient. The Dentist needs to consider your current needs, lifestyle, timeline, and other personal factors to decide the right implant option for you.

At Esk Dental, we come up with many alternatives for restorative dentistry patients, comprising traditional dentures and dental bridges. Patients can also gain benefits from many sorts of implants appropriate for their individual health needs. All of our treatment plans are personalized to give out the best treatment outcome.

Are you a candidate for dental implants?

To have dental implants you should have adequate oral and general health. Gum disease and bone loss can become constraint for the success of implants, leading to implant failure. Patients having uncontrolled diabetes or other conditions have a impact on their ability to heal may not be able to receive dental implants treatment.

A strong jaw bone is also imperative to assist dental implants, for this reason our dentists employ advanced technology to make full 3-D images of your oral structure. If your jaw is shallow or small, you may not be capable to adapt to traditional implants. Still, you can sometimes complement your jaw with simple bone grafting process, which our dentists also perform. Although the placement procedure seems to be scary for some patients, it is a comparatively simple and painless process.

Balancing cost and benefits

Dental implants present many value and can be life-changing for those patients who wants great smile. Implant-supported restorations work same way as natural teeth.

Dental implants are costlier than a traditional denture, but many patients believe this procedure is worth  the additional expense because of the long term comfort and benefits. Implants offer a durable solution with constant health benefits. Dental implants provide stimulation to the jaw, so they prevent the bone deterioration that is responsible for causing continuous problems.

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